I’ve been off trail for a month now, and it’s been a battle to get an article put together and published. A battle to organize my thoughts and emotions after this trek; A battle to find a few hours to sit down and put the ink to paper; A battle to admit my failures, and an even bigger battle to admit my bad-assery.

What has not been a battle is the admission of it taking me a longer amount of time to complete the “Re-introduction” into “normal” life (que air quote fingers) in comparison to last year, and it being more intense.

It’s an overwhelming feeling that everything feels different. Slightly off. Weird. Unfamiliar.

Smells are too strong. Food tastes too good. People talk too much. The world around you moves too fast.

Muscles feel stronger than ever. Joints feels as though they are disintergrating. Mind is a strange combination of zen and exhaustion.

The more you allow your mind to focus on these things, the stronger all those sensations feel.


Why is everything around you so different when you get off trail?!


Then it dawns on you…. it isn’t everything around you that’s changed. It’s you. You’ve changed.






One thought on “RE-INTRODUCTION

  1. Sometimes, you have to talk around in circles to let the words rise to the top and come together in a revelation. The simple truth is the most powerful message! Your journey was not wasted. After all, it changed you!
    Well said!

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