Giving Thanks

Tables decorated with Fall decor, rooms full of smiling faces and laughter, tummies swollen from over-indulging on good food and drink. Many thanks spoken in words and actions. (Canadian, eh!) Thanksgiving has wrapped up, and my heart feels full and happy. 

Yet, a thought I can’t seem to shake keeps floating through my cranium. A thought that makes me feel so unbelievably lucky (and thankful…because Thanksgiving vibes are on Max this weekend), but slightly sombre at the same time. 

The moment I stepped foot on the Pacific Crest Trail, I knew my life was forever changed. I knew my way of thinking was changed. My views on things changed. 

“How friggen lucky am I to live such a privileged life?! A life where I willingly put myself in dangerous, uncomfortable, and, at times, utterly excruciating situations for fun…FOR A VACATION?!?!”. 

My mind remains blown at this realization.

Essentially, I put myself in a situation where my goal is to extricate myself (relatively) unscathed (100% success rate so far! #winning).

Jeeze. I’m lucky.

So many people in our world today are hurting, starved, dying, in complete despair. Their day to day life is full of disaster. As hard as they try to improve their situation(s), it remains in total chaos.

Me?…. I live a comfy life. A happy life. Full of adventure. Full of stories. Overflowing with love and support.


Wow. I’m lucky.

Wow. I’m thankful.







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