Not only does backpacking top my list of fun things to do, it calms the soul, and puts everything into perspective. Not a day goes by where I don’t encounter a situation where I take something I learnt on trail and apply it to whatever is troubling or challenging me in that moment. The lesson could be deep and meaningful, to light and fluffy. Regardless, each lesson is forever embedded in your being… if you allow it to be present in your day to day life.


Everything is temporary.

Have a plan, and accept it will change.

Expect ups and downs.

Wake up and watch a sunrise.

Sleep under a blanket of stars.

Appreciate each day (even if it’s just a fragment of a particularly hard day).

Look forward to the views of tomorrow.

But don’t forget to remember the views of yesterday.

It’s okay to fart in public.

Stop and listen to the birds.

Have sincere conversations.

Drink lots of water.

Only plan as far as the next town.

Feel the sun kiss your face.

Feel the cool mist of the rain brush your cheeks.

Let sparkling snow mesmerize your eyes.

Trust in humanity.

Walk daily.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty.

Embrace and celebrate your body.

Be proud of how far you have come; be excited for where you are going.

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