About Me

Hi! I’m Jackie! Born and raised Vancouveritte, currently small town Prairie gal. I am a doer of things: a lover of nature and all things that meow. I get lost for hours in obscure music looking for that perfect tune. I enjoy refinishing furniture pieces that I’ve liberated from the “burn” pile in the back 40. I take pictures of landscapes and furry things, I doodle, I paint, I draw cartoon strips. I spend far too much time at a local fitness studio getting “swasy” while getting “swole” (the love I have of my Fitfam is very real). To balance out my active lifestyle, I have a special talent of being able to watch Netflix for 2 days straight, only to be interrupted with a serious match of Mario Kart 8, and perhaps a potty break or 2. I have a family that I have no words to be able to even remotely describe my love and appreciation for (I am in constant amazement of their undying love and support they give me). I am quiet. I am quirky. I am sentimental. I am strong.
I am grit ‘n’ grace (unapologetically stolen from a woman who I admire and look up to… J.T.).