*Disclaimer: Actual times may vary*


6am                             Wake up, immediately pull air-plug on your sleeping mat, briefly identify the next water source, and review map.

6:13am                        Get dressed, put on puffy, toque, and gloves.

6:19am                        Pack up sleeping bag, sleeping mat, and loose items, wipe down inside of tent

6:25am                        Wipe down outside of tent, tear down and pack tent, roll up footprint, attach to pack

6:33am                        Retrieve bear-bag

6:37am                        Boil water for oatmeal, brush teeth, pour water in oatmeal pouch, regret you didn’t bring instant coffee

6:40am                        Pack stove and fuel, check camp area for any items, and depart, eat breakfast on the go

7:15am                        Start to get warm and feeling awake

8:02am                        Take off toque, gloves, and puffy

8:22am                        Take some time to smell the fresh air, take some photos

8:39am                        Quickly verify position and distance to next water source

9:14am                        Stop at water source, filter 3 liters of water- one to drink right away, 2 to carry. Select snack for the day, put in hip-pockets. Take some more pictures

9:34am                        Pack everything up, check area for any items, depart

10:02am                      Verify potion and distance to next water source

10:18am                      Pass some hikers, spend a few minutes talking and then start hiking again

10:22am                      Take some more pictures

11:03am                      Realize your legs are on fire, and begin the lunchtime countdown

11:33am                      Verify position, and distance until next water source

12:14pm                      Arrive at water source, decide to take an extended break, select a nice spot with a view, eat, drink, and have a pseudo nap

12:53pm                      Drink as much water as possible, top up water sack, pack items, depart

1pm                             Realize you forgot your trekking poles at your last break spot, turn around to retrieve them.

1:07pm                        Arrive back at the spot where you realized you forgot your trekking poles, get mad at self, stop to take pictures

1:30pm                        Dig cat hole for waste… following Leave No Trace guidelines, sanitize hands

1:39pm                        Pass some hikers, stop to chat, secretly wonder if they saw you using your cathole

2:02pm                        Stop to take some pictures

2:33pm                        Stop to verify position and distance to next water source

3:05pm                        Begin to narrow down where you’re aiming to camp for the night

3:21pm                        Daydream about wine, fresh fruit and vegetables

3:42pm                        Take a big swig of water, getting the familiar taste of ‘bottom of the sack’ water, realize you’re out of water.

3:43pm                        Stop to verify position and distance to next water source

4:15pm                        Arrive at water source, verify position, and distance to camp.

4:22pm                        Take pictures

4:46pm                        Stop to talk with passing hikers, informed that there are a lot of downed trees

4:48pm                        Begin hiking again, mentally preparing for the hard, final push to camp

5:16pm                        Daydream about an elaborate dinner, and copious amounts of assorted desserts

5:17pm                        Daydream crushed by the realization that you’re eating rice, peanut butter, and mangos

5:41pm                        Arrive at your pre-selected camp location, see it’s occupied. Continue hiking, slightly annoyed

5:52pm                        Arrive at the next, most suitable camp location

5:54pm                        Set up camp, inflate sleeping mat, lay out Sleepingbag, resisting the urge to immediately crash for the night, take hiking boots off, switching to sandals

6:12pm                        Prepare dinner, gag on every bite of your bland, boring food

6:25pm                        Wonder around camp and surrounding area, hang bear-bag, take some pictures

6:38pm                        Wipe down the day’s grit, get into camp clothes

7pm                             Realize it’s past your bedtime, get grouchy about it

7:08pm                        Bundle up in Sleepingbag, write in journal, record miles, and that day’s events

7:37pm                        Dream about flying cheesecake attacking slow moving bow of chocolate covered strawberries in a room full of vanilla ice cream

9pm                             Dream that this trip will never end

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